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Ponte Vecchio grandeur

Ponte Vecchio, formerly “ the old bridge” is unquestionably one of the most romantic and inspiring places of Italy.

Perhaps zillions of lovers exchanged eternal promises on this picturesque corner of Florence. Some date back its foundation to the Roman Empire, however, most probably, this construction took place during Middle Age, as Florence was indeed the epicenter of the world during that era.

The bridge was originally built with stones and wood, connecting the City Center to the Oltrarno district and it started from its origin to host the best goldsmiths and artisans of the city.

The bridge went through many floodings, earthquake and infrastructural issues over the centuries,in fact, it fell last time in 1333 due to some technical issues. For some time in history, before goldsmiths, the place was home to butchers and groceries for over years.

However, their practices started positing serious questions in terms of health and hygiene, hence Ferdinando I, Grand Duke he outlawed the trade of raw goods there and promoted more noble business: jewel and art craftmanship, he so ploughed the seeds for what will have been the Renaissance period.

During WWII, German troops destroyed all of the crossings except for Ponte Vecchio in 1944, the
preservation might have been due to Hitler’s admiration for the view of the river from this bridge
in particular.

Why should you visit it?

The ever-evolving contamination of this bridge with history is well documented: from a raw and vibrant melting pot to a very sophisticated and chic destination.

Ponte Vecchio is epitome of elegance and highly manufacturing skills as the best artisans of Florence showcase their creations to some like 50.000 visitors a week.

The embezzlement of joyful colors, the contrast between the different textures and colours of the building make Ponte Vecchio a very singular spot in any western city, halfway between the magic reminiscence of the past and the buzzling of modernity.

Pontevecchio is one of the major source of inspiration for the art students who flock to Florence every year.

Ponte Vecchio has no restriction in terms of access, however it is always wise not to be there during week-ends especially late morning as the crowd is quite evident: nothing more emotional than a stroll during dusk or even better a silent walk while getting back home.

Winter or summer, busy or empty, Ponte Vecchio will stay in your mind for a long time, like an isolated moment in space, a gateway to somewhere magic with the shape of a bridge. With us or alone, you must visit Pontevecchio!

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