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Gucci Garden

It comes with no surprise that the huge luxury conglomerates have been spending the last year under the hypnotic power of rebranding and reedition of any single concept or activity as long as this was carrying a name, or more appropriately, a logo.

During the realm of Alessandro Di Michele at Gucci, a very few areas of human knowable have been left immaculate by logo-hysteria which hit at toys, pets, yachts, home accessories, panettone and a lot more.

However, amid this sometimes unfortunate and plain way to perpetrate the brand, one attempt seemed to have hit the point correctly.

In the heart of Florence, The Gucci Garden has been representing one of the most precious element in the array of luxury attractions enjoyable at Piazza della Signoria, in the heart of Florence.

Gucci Garden at Palazzo della Mercanzia, located in Florence

Imbued with countless renaissance artistic references at every corner, the Gucci Garden is to offer a completely unexpected prospective in terms of contemporary esthetic.

The Gucci Garden is a huge space strongly characterized by modernist and art-deco architectural influences, housed at Palazzo della Mercanzia, a stunning building of crucial value in the history of the City.

Being conceived in the late 80’s the museum did not differ that much from a plain exhibition of the major leather works that the brand created at the beginning of its glorious history.

However, as the fame of the Maison started fading away in early 2000, so did the museal space which brought very little interest to the affluent visitors of Florence.

Then Di Michele came and things were no longer the same.

Gracefully encapsulated with the imposing architecture of the renaissance building, the Gucci Museum underwent a radical makeover, turning itself into the dream-like destination known now as Gucci Garden.

The place spans over 5000 square feet sumptuously embellished with home decorations designed and sold by the brand itself: a carefully elaborated mix of items, clothes and archive pieces welcomes the guests into a deeply enchanted and psychedelic atmosphere.

Everything is meticulously studied to reflect the new perception Di Michele brought upon the brand.

In addition, the brand boasts a winning tentacle into the food and beverage industry with Osteria Gucci, an eatery-restaurant conceived by Michelin-star chef, Massimo Bottura, with several openings of the same concept around the world.

Massimo Bottura,  Italy ranked No.1 Chef on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list twice and currently part of the Best of the Best list.

The place is open from 8 to 5 and does not require any booking: loads of curious and browsers will be clogging up the huge entrance however, despite the crowd it is worth visiting for both its food, vibe and heritage: the impeccable italian savoir-faire at its very best!

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