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Pantheon Rome

I firmly believe that if there is something on Earth still so grand and breathtaking, regardless how many times you stare at it, this is the Pantheon, (All Gods place in greek) one of the most incredible and monumental gift from the ancient Rome. The building completed 128 A.D under Emperor Hadrian, and still today …

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Bardini Gardens

You visited Boboli gardens already? You wish to discover another truly enchanted garden in Florence? Then place on your list the Bardini gardens and you will not be disappointed! Boboli Garden complex, including Porcelain Museum, Costume Gallery and Museo degli Argenti, has been one of the most visited areas with over 700.000 visitors. A quite …

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What is the NAUMACHIA?

Rome-lovers are deeply informed about the endless array of feasts, rituals andcelebrations which used to take place in Rome for any specific season, howevernot many people have come across the famous Naumachia and what roleplayed in the ancient roman empire’s liturgy. Naumachia is the recreation of naval battle which occurs to emulate and celebrate historical …

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Pierpaolo Pasolini: Bologna’s most unconventional son

I believe not many artists have held the ability to inspire Madonna, David Bowie, Martin Scorsese and David Lachapelle at the same time. Unluckily his vast product is still undiscovered and not particularly popular abroad, but many people have been aware of the geniality and evocative power of Pierpaolo Pasolini, one of the most influential …

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Ponte Vecchio grandeur

Ponte Vecchio, formerly “ the old bridge” is unquestionably one of the most romantic and inspiring places of Italy. Perhaps zillions of lovers exchanged eternal promises on this picturesque corner of Florence. Some date back its foundation to the Roman Empire, however, most probably, this construction took place during Middle Age, as Florence was indeed …

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