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Giordano Bruno, when knowledge was dangerous

Who was Giordano Bruno?

You are strolling in Rome, Campo de Fiori and you do wonder whom this imposing figure belongs to! Nowadays protesting has become a blatant trend with netizens stressing the immorality of a whimsical variety of issues, facts and people which too often are pathetic and exaggerated.

Everyone is up to display bewilderment at all costs, ready to rearrange narrative according to their own advantage.

How about the trend of gluing yourself to any artwork?

This tribe of urban dissidents should come to Rome and study in depth the history of one of the most enlightening and daring brains ever lived on earth, no it’s not Kanye West, it is Giordano Bruno.

Giordano Bruno is considered one of the brightest and knowledgeable figures humanity could ever proudly enumerate. Officially labelled as “heretic”, “obscure” and “sinister” he was able to predict and elaborate theories about astrophics, chemistry and physiology in huge advance with surgical accuracy, in spite of the fact that no tool at the time was so refined to remotely allow this sort of investigations.

He was an incredibly prolific writer, novelist and tempestuous traveller who embodied indeed the pure essence of the Renaissance men.


Modern portrait based on a woodcut from “Livre du recteur”, 1578

Bruno produced a consistent body of work were described with incredible precision the dynamics of the universe, stars and constellation, almost confirming through imagination, some findings which were proven right many centuries later!

His image is widely related to the world of esotericism as he studied magic, nature and psychology as interlinked elements of the universe.

He paid with life his unquenchable necessity to investigate the reality, being executed by the Inquisition tribunal.

Rome, tube, exit “Campo de Fiori” and enjoy this inspiring breeze of freedom and rebellion. Another option to see it, joining the gastronomic experience offered by Tours and The City.

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