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Judith Beheading Holofernes – first feminism manifesto?

A deep vibration, a sadly revealed secret and a psychological profiling which pioneered the vision of a powerful and rebellious woman: “Judith Beheading Holofernes” will surely be one of the most memorable things to observe at the Uffizi in Florence and its impression will be everlasting, trust me.

This master painting by Artemisia Gentileschi has shifted the observer and, simultaneously, the female emancipation, from a static and submissive perception to a more unexpected dynamic one, anticipating the debate about women condition a
way before the #metoomovement.

This outstanding painting at the Uffizi Museum is a shocking testament to human psychology and an analysis of the deeper pulsion of the individual which has left scholars puzzled for more than 3 centuries.

Artemisia Gentileschi (Rome 1593 – Naples 1652/53)

The biblical episode is being elaborated under a completely new light where the divine element has been rapidly replaced by a more human and fearful approach.

This paining brings the observer into a tangible tension skilfully created by the games of lights and chiaroscuro that are so peculiar to Gentileschi’s body of work.

Even a very inattentive eye will feel intimidated by the projections of blood and the mimical face which transform this artwork in a living picture. It is the drama of the abandon, of violation and sorrow: it is a sad but necessary move to make, whose aim will be indelible on the human progress.

A very few paintings have been able to wreak a havoc as this one did, being one of the most controversial ever produced.

The analytical approach appears quite direct even in the way the male body is being depicted, spatially placed into a position of weakness and fear, it is the human hand, the untamed power of nature come to punish the human brutality with no mercy whatsoever.

The blood also proved to be a crucial element of this picture, being for the very first time an element of strength and liberation, unlike happened before where the blood was painted in a descending flow adorning the body of Christ; now its flux, its movement and consistency are almost disconnected from the action as if it was a phenomenon on its own.

The Artist

Artemisia Gentileschi' self portrait
Artemisia Gentileschi’ self portrait

Artemisia Gentileschi has inaugurated a new idea os artist and art aim, she has widely anticipated the awareness which nowadays is so blatantly claimed and glamourized, making us aware of the despair she endured and isolation she getting rid of.

Unapologetic, brave and disturbing, when visiting Florence and the Uffizi, you must bow down to this masterpiece, this will probably be the best moment of your stay and the only one to last forever.

Not enjoyable on Mondays as it’s the weekly closure for the Uffizi. At Tours and The City we’ll take care of make you enjoy this unique Gallery every other day of the week, count on it.

Join our experience?: Judith Beheading Holofernes – first feminism manifesto?

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  1. Fabrizia Gallini Avatar

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    The most interesting experience in Florence!

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    Phil and Marian

    Definitely the most interesting and well organised package out there! Warm thanks from Australia!

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