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Pantheon Rome

I firmly believe that if there is something on Earth still so grand and breathtaking, regardless how many times you stare at it, this is the Pantheon, (All Gods place in greek) one of the most incredible and monumental gift from the ancient Rome.

The building completed 128 A.D under Emperor Hadrian, and still today boasts the largest doom ever erected in the history of architecture with a dimeter of 142 feet.

The unrivalled aura of magic and secrecy is still folding the Pantheon tightly.

Its proper function is a still unsolved mistery as even from written documents, very little is being said about it.

Another excruciating enigma is the mastermind behind its conception, as there have been a few names proposed all withdrawn due to historical conflicting evidences.

Whoever did it, had the clear goal to influence the world of design and architecture for the centuries to come as a very few designs have exerted such an influence over the history of architecture.

Solely in the United States over 20 buildings of political and historical relevance have been forged upon inspiration from The Pantheon, resembling its structure.

This place has been indeed an alert witness of the political evolution of Rome and its fate, in fact, when in 330 Byzantium became the capital of the Roman Empire under Constantine, the Pantheon had to endure a different destiny.

The history of the roman empire was entering its downfold and from that moment onwards, the unfathomable decline of Roman empire got reflected in the state of dismiss and obliviousness which affected notably also the Pantheon.

The structural and functional decline, cursed by fire and exploitation, of this incommensurably important monument lasted till 609, when finally Pope Boniface IV was given permission from the emperor to convert this then pagane temple into a Christian church, where Papacy spared no expense to embellish and restore the whole structure, bringing it back at its glorious days.

The most striking and inexplicable feature remains the oculus “eye” in latin, which let light and rain through the dome inside the building.

Many famous italian personalities from Renaissance were buried there. In some rare occasion the Pantheon host catholic liturgies still today.

The Pantheon is located in a very central areas of Rome, very walkable and filled with restaurants and bar. Be aware always of pickpocketing and do not fear the crowd: inside space can accommodate simultaneously more than 2000 people.

Go there during night time, better if alone and perhaps you will have more clue about yourself and life you would have never thought of before. I swear.

In case you’d like to visit it, let us know and we’ll take care of it!

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