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Visiting Rome on Easter

 Easter is around the corner and Rome is always a wonderful option. You have few days and on a budget?

No stress, Rome welcomes everyone!

Get a B&B even around 10km from the center, book always with a bit of advance if you can as rates get better.


Trevi Fountain – Easter days

B&B usually provides you with delicious breakfast so stuff yourself as much as you can and start strolling through Rome.

Purchase a one-week inclusive ticket for bus and metro so you will save around 40% comparing to the fares of daily commuting and enjoy plenty of archeological sites and events open air.

If you are on a budget and time is tight, please avoid Vatican museums – they are packed and quite expensive. Villa Borghese, Spanish Stairs and Fori Imperiali are simply the ideal combo for short and affordable stays in Rome. 


Spanish steps during Easter days

Hang on! You walked for hours, you are deadly tired and hungry beyond yourself?

I will tell you a secret very few people know. Download the app “too good to go”, you will find hundreds of cafes, bakeries and supermarket near yourself which will sell at a heavily discounted price, food that is close to the expiry date: you save more money, feed yourself and avoid so much food going wasted.

Pope Mess at St. Peter Square

Easter time, get yourself close to San Pietro and you will have the chance to attend the angelus, the omely that the Pope reads at 12.00am every single Sunday; on the holy Friday you can participate to Via Crucis if you are Christian, if you are not, you should still go and get a glimpse of a magnificent ceremony usually being held around the Colosseum.

Ditch useless souvenirs for anyone and get to Campo dei Fiori for a decently priced drink in the evening. Time to go, you enjoyed Rome, you spent easter in the heart of Christianity, and
you cherished a simply memorable time: your partner will thank you so your bank account.


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