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Travelling: The major rules when moving through Italy

Frecciarossa train at Bologna central station

Italy’s transport is quite an issue which leaves often people with mixed feelings, especially tourists.

The whole system of Italian infrastructures like train, highways, metros and buses reflects perfectly the huge diversity someone can encounter according to the place where they are visiting or living.

Some trains are the best and most efficient you could event think of, being also less expensive compared to Uk and France, some other railways connections are outdated, slow and decaying.

Things are improving dramatically but still as a tourist you need to be careful on how you travel when in Italy.

Here we wish to provide you with a simple guideline which surely will make your travelling less daunting and complex than you could expect.

Crossing Italy by train

Here is the major things to remember when travelling in Italy:

1) Train

You never been to Italy and chances that you speak italian are low? Don’t’ worry. To move from one big city to the other you have two chances: they are ITALO and Frecciarossa: our high-speed trains are incredibly comfortable, assistance is excellent and you can get them at quire reasonable price, sometimes. They move faster and are the preferred system of transport favored by tourists as well as italian commuters who do not compromise their schedule for some few more euros to spend. Intercity, Regionale and other countless typology of trains, leave them to those who have been already to Italy, have good sense of directions and don’t panic if there is a delay.

Metro station in Rome, Ottaviano

2) Metro

Especially in big cities, Metros are a thing. The metro everyone must visit is the Metro dell’ Arte in the city of Neaples, named as one of the most beautiful metro in the world, apart from that I do recommend especially when in Rome to move by walking without precluding yourself from the beauty that Rome has to offer. Metro is adequate mean of transport only if you need to cover big distances and know where you are going, other than this occasion, walking is the best. You are out in Rome and going back to the hotel very late? Get Taxi, always authorized and approved ones – outside the train stations of Rome, Milan, you will be approached by many black cabs as they call it which are ordinary people giving you a ride in the most illegal and risky way at a very high price. Don’t risk, be safe.

Taxi at Largo di Torre Argentina, Rome

3) Car

Renting a car in Italy is easy and fairly priced but I would not dare to drive unless you have an Italian-speaking person with you.

Highways, roads, routes and allies are sometimes incredibly crowded, full of ongoing works and maintenance and sometimes you might bump into a hot-blooded lad who will not let you drive peacefully by disrespecting the most elementary security rules. Google map is great but sometimes will provide you with the longest option or sometimes it might go off and drive you towards a completely different spot.
Don’t risk when travelling in Italy. Don’t risk to waste your time and money in order to get somewhere very fast. After all, you are on holidays, chill and enjoy the wait.

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