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Bologna, the halfway heaven

Overwhelmingly rich in historical references from multiple periods, wonderfully enclosed in a grooving array of endless emerald-green landscapes! Bologna remains one of the most enchanting and understated cities to visit in Italy!

You might not find the glamour of Milan, the joviality of Naples and the solemnity of Roma but if you are visiting Bologna, you are discovering another charming facet of the italian “joie de vivre”

Why visit Bologna?

Bologna is home to an incredibly rich culinary culture being the area where Mortadella and countless varieties of wine are currently produced since Renaissance and appreciated worldwide.

People are terribly friendly and welcoming due to the commercial prominence this place has held since roman age, expositing for centuries its population to international travellers, who in the past were coming to Bologna to study or to shop from its countless fabric shops and artisans.

A trip to Bologna is ideal for those willing to reconnect with nature and its surroundings, being a perfectly spot for trekking aficionados and bikers alike. The city is known in Italy as the students’ city, hosting Europe’s most ancient university – Alma Mater Studiorum – the major enticing element of attraction for many students from Italy and abroad.

In fact, Bologna boasts a very youthful population accounting for circa 28% of the city inhabitants, hence its energy and bohemian attitude are incredibly contagious.

How to get there and when?

The region of Emilia Romagna is quite strategical in case you wish to visit more destinations in one go, as due to the transport systems like high-speed train Italo, it will allow to easily reach with a few hours Marche, Piemonte and Liguria regions which are equally enjoyable places.

The hotel offer is incredibly diversified with a full range of accommodation for any budget range especially during summer time.

The perfect period to visit Bologna remains early summer or begging of autumn since the city will be buzzling with people without the inconvenience any crowded place can generate!

What else?

Visit Bologna and project yourself into a lost dimension which you can experience with Bologna underground. An area right beneath the city spanning for over 1 mile known as Torrente Aponsa built around I century b.C and used during WWW II as protection bunker by civilians.

Torre degli Asinelli, Quadrilatero and Anatomical theatre are just a few of the spots what will blow you away for their majestic appearance; harmoniously mingling with roman and middle-aged architecture.

Art lovers will not be disappointed by the museum choice, especially for the MAMb, the contemporary art museum, deemed as one of the most influential at european level.

The city is not particularly expensive and it is quite affordable even in the central boroughs.
Celebrated as “La grassa” , the fat as the city was known for its lavish food offer, the politically correct this time needs no interference!

In Tours and the City we’ll do our best to welcome you, for any need or suggestion you might have!

Visit Bologna and let its atmosphere surprise you!

Bologna Emilian gastronomic experience with a local

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